Think. Work. Serve.

It’s more than a motto. It’s a way of life. But also, a way to think about how to give to TSU.

Every gift, large or small, has more value than you can imagine. Because it’s more than a monetary gift, it’s your gift of commitment to TSU. The many ways to give are listed below.

Think about how your gift will forever impact the University.

Work in ways to improve life for yourself and your community.

Serve the mission of the University in every aspect of your life.

Ways to Give



(615) 963-5481


Checks should be made payable to the Tennessee State University Foundation. Please indicate your gift designation in the memo section of your check. Mail gift to:

3500 John A. Merritt Blvd.
Campus Box 9542
Nashville, TN 37209

Stories of Impact

“Why do I give? Why do I believe in supporting my beloved university? I give because I care. I give because I want my university to survive and flourish for at least the next 200 years. I give because I want to say thank you. My time at TSU provided me with the education and taught me resilience to prosper in today’s society. Those traits should be available for the future generations. One way to maintain this is to give. That is why I give. 
Gena Townsend   |  Class of 1980
Your gift matters